By Staff
Sandusky Jr.-Sr. HS

1st Place
Division 4, Yearbook Visual
Y-19. Sports Action Photo

Y-19. Sports Action Photo

Any non-portrait action photo directly related to sporting events should be entered in this category. You must include the caption, or the entry will be disqualified. Photos should not be cut-outs/cobbed. Photos will be judged on the quality of the photo as printed and how it was used in the publication. Submit a PDF or image file of the page on which the photo was published, showing how the photo was displayed with story and caption. (Recommended: You may also submit the photo as a JPG.) Photos may NOT be submitted for more than one photo category. If there are multiple photos on the page, clearly indicate in the Additional Information field on the entry form which photo you wish judged.


  • Photo has strong storytelling content
  • Photo has been effectively cropped to emphasize center of interest and enhance content
  • Photo is technically strong
    • in focus
    • proper contrast
    • not too grainy or muddy
  • Photographer paid attention to rules of composition
  • Attracts, holds reader’s attention
  • Avoids distracting back/foreground
  • Action, rather than posed photo