By Allison Hirzel & Megan Kiss
The Gull
Gull Lake HS

1st Place
Division 4, Yearbook Visual

Y-16. Business Advertisements 

Note: 1 entry = a portfolio of 3 student-created advertisements. Submit all 3 ads in the portfolio in the same entry form.

For one portfolio entry, submit a set of three advertisements for a business, organization, product or service, completely designed by the same student. (Ad may use a professionally designed company logo. In the “Non Student Work Copyright” field on the entry form, please describe any elements in the ad that are not created by the student entrant.) Submit a PDF or image file of the advertisements.The ads may appear on the same spread or multiple spreads. INDICATE CLEARLY WHICH ADS YOU WISH JUDGED in the Additional Information field.


  • Each ad contains a clear key message responding to a student or community need and promotes a specific product or service offered by a business.
  • Each ad has a strong center of visual interest/a clear dominant element that supports the key message. (Unless designing a business card ad, this typically is not the logo of the business.)
  • Includes a well-written headline to attract interest and promote the ad’s key message; the headline is not the name of the business
  • Copy follows up on the headline and further explains the ad’s key message
  • Each ad includes the name and contact information of the business and may include its logo; other information that might encourage readers to take action may be included
  • The elements in the design encourage the reader’s eye to view all parts of the ad
  • Typography enhances readability and attractiveness of design. Typically limited to one or two typefaces.