By Bridgit Jung
The Emery
Ann Arbor Huron HS

1st Place
Division 2, News Design and Info Graphics

ND-01. Information Graphic

This category includes charts, graphs or diagrams created by hand or by computer and used to supplement or in place of written content, but which give the reader information in a visual form. Submit a PDF of the print newspaper or magazine page(s) on which the information graphic was published or the URL to the information graphic on a news website. Provide information in the Additional Information field on the software or platform used to create the information graphic.


  • Clearly enhances the story
  • Displays evidence of proper research
  • Clearly indicates source of information; survey data includes sample size
  • Visuals help clarify, simplify or visualize information
  • Visually attractive
  • Avoids excessive lines and/or illustrations that might confuse the reader but shows effective detail
  • Entertaining and/or informative
  • Clear lines and even strokes as opposed to retraced or broken lines
  • Takes advantage of art or computer technology
  • Uses color, screens, typography and placement effectively
  • Judges should consider overall content and reporting, but may give extra weight to graphics that were not made with a template