By Mori Ono
The Communicator Online
Ann Arbor Community HS

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1st Place
Division 1-4, News Design and Info Graphics

ND-02. Interactive Graphic

Like good photos or regular graphics, interactive graphics should relate to another story or contain significant material to stand on its own. Readers should be able to enter pertinent data and/or modify content. Such graphics may be created using Google Maps, Adobe design software, Flourish or other applications and custom code. Submit a URL to the interactive graphic on a news website. Provide information in the Additional Information field on the software or platform used to create the information graphic.


  • Helps tell a traditional story using interactive graphics
  • Displays evidence of proper research
  • Clearly indicates source of information; survey data includes sample size
  • Serves as a supplement to allow readers to explore data sets or other primary information in creative ways
  • The enhanced graphic may or may not tell the whole story on its own, and readers can still understand it independently
  • Judges should consider overall content and reporting, but may give extra weight to graphics that were not made with a template