By Madison Sempsrott
Holt HS
1st Place Division 2, Yearbook Visual
Business Advertisements


  • Each ad contains a clear key message responding to a student or community need and promotes a specific product or service offered by a business.
  • Each ad has a strong center of visual interest/a clear dominant element that supports the key message. (Unless designing a business card ad, this typically is not the logo of the business.)
  • Includes a well-written headline to attract interest and promote the ad’s key message; the headline is not the name of the business
  • Copy follows up on the headline and further explains the ad’s key message
  • Each ad includes the name and contact information of the business and may include its logo; other information that might encourage readers to take action may be included
  • The elements in the design encourage the reader’s eye to view all parts of the ad
  • Typography enhances readability and attractiveness of design. Typically limited to one or two typefaces.