By Staff
Henry Ford II HS
1st Place Division 2, Yearbook Visual
Academic Spread


  • Designed as two-page visual unit, arrangement of photos, headline, copy, captions and white space invite reader onto spread and show careful planning
  • Dominance is established and other elements are arranged in such a way as to lead reader’s eye around spread
  • Adequate external margins provide frame for spread contents and are defined by at least one element on each side
  • Photos effectively cropped, of varied size, shape and content; content concentrates on action photos of students engaged in learning, not on teachers
  • Center of interest in photo(s) is not trapped in gutter; action and faces in photos do not face off spread
  • Non-rectangular photos, tilted photos and other special treatments are used sparingly and effectively to enhance overall design
  • Graphics and typography enhance readability and attractiveness of design
  • Headline has contemporary design and establishes visual/verbal connection between photos and copy
  • Copy and captions are readable size and use readable font
  • Captions should touch photos to which they refer. Group or clustered captions are permitted, but attention has been paid to making them easily accessible to reader
  • While designs may be innovative, they adhere to journalistic guidelines