By Kevin McCormick Jr.
WDBC Dragon Broadcasting
Lake Orion HS
1st Place Division 1, Video Talent
Live Sports Announcer


    • WRITING: Is the writing clear, concise and conversational? Does the reporter use active voice and present tense? Does the script complement the visuals?
    • RATE OF SPEECH: Do you talk too fast/slow?
    • COMMUNICATION OF IDEAS: Do we understand what you’re talking about?
    • COMMUNICATION OF EMOTION: Do you use voice fluctuation? Do you have emotion in your voice? Are you monotone?
    • MIC WEAKNESS: Is your microphone too close or too far? Do we hear the sound of your paper script?
    • SINCERITY: Do you come across as being genuine?
    • NATURALNESS: Do we enjoy listening to you? Does it sound like you know what you’re doing?
    • CREDIBILITY: Does it sound like YOU know what you’re talking about? Do you give credit to any sources that might be applicable?
    • PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE: Are you dressed appropriately? Tuxedos and prom dresses aren’t necessary, but t-shirts and jeans aren’t appropriate either.





    • If the video does not meet the specific time requirement (such as the 30/60s rule for PSAs & Commercials) (not including any black/slates before or after the video itself).
    • If the video does not meet the category description.
    • If the video includes copyrighted music or graphics.
    • Use of music or other content that is not created by student staff members:
    • If any music is included in an entry, indicate the title(s) of track(s) used and source of the music. Provide this information either in a name-slate/title card in a video entry or in the space provided on the entry form.
    • If you are making a “fair use” claim on copyrighted materials, please cite your reasoning in the entry form.