By Chloe Barbosa
The Perspective
Plymouth-Canton HS
1st Place
Division 1, News Writing
News Brief

On Sept. 28, Marisa

Berlanga, Plymouth senior, had just started eating her lunch when she found something sticking out of her popcorn chicken. She pulled it out and realized that it was a chicken feather.

According to Kristen Hennessey, director of food services, the procedure of what the cafeteria managers do when this occurs is get the product back from the customer, take a picture and immediately report it to the manufacturer.

Then they also pull any boxes that the product would have come from and see if they can pull information as to where, when, and by whom it was packed.

Then, the company sends a representative on site to take the item and any information the district can provide. From this, the district can ask the manufacturer for a report back as to an investigation of the incident that compromised the food quality.

There has also been another incident so far this year. Aaron Garbarino, Canton senior, said that he found a piece of plastic inside his food a couple weeks ago but didn’t do anything because he didn’t know what to do.

Hennessey said, “We take food quality very seriously but can not do anything if we are not notified.”