By Maggie Duly
Utica HS
1st Place
Division 3, News Writing
News Brief

MPS attendance policy has changed at the high school level. At this time, students will not be penalized for surpassing a specific number of missed class periods, but they must still abide by the make-up work policy for each class.

“We were not in compliance with a required end of course assessment requirement,” Superintendent Michael Sharrow stated in an email.

Previously, if a student were to miss 12 or more days in a class, they would have to score a minimum of 70 percent or higher on the final exam in order to receive credit for the class. This policy has been terminated.

“It is your job to be in school every day ready to learn,” principal Steve Poole announced to the student body on Sept. 14. “You do get paid for attending school. The average salary of high school dropouts is $20,000. The average high school dropoutwill make around $1 million less in career earnings than a college graduate will. Come to class prepared to learn and succeed.”