By Alina Herbstova
Viking Longboat
Haslett HS
1st Place
Division 4, News Writing
News Brief

Kayci Latoski, Haslett High School junior, was reported missing to the Meridian Township police department on Aug. 13 by her mother after she did not return home from a photo shoot.

The police report indicates she is 5-foot, 4-inches tall. She has blue eyes, brown hair, and weighs about 115 pounds.

She was last seen in Lansing. A search and active investigation continues in the Lansing area and the wider region. The effort includes information on a billboard right outside Frandor Shopping Center. The search effort has not proven successful so far.

It has been reported Latoski was approached on Facebook by a man who invited her to model for him and offered her $60 for the photo shoot. He has been identified by the police as Ryan Ulman. The investigation indicates he has been asking underage girls to send him nude photos and inviting them to model. He is linked to a sex trafficking business and is jailed under a suspicion of running a fake modeling agency that traffics young girls into the sex trade. He is suspected of involvement in Latoski’s disappearance.

In a recent interview, Latoski’s mom said she is afraid for her daughter’s life. All she wants is to get Kayci home safely.

Any information, no matter how small, should be reported to an area police department.