By Jazmine Hawkins
Stockbridge HS
1st Place
Division 4, Yearbook
Organizations Writing

Art class has tended to be though of as knocking o a high school credit or hanging out with friends when the subject is really the expression of human creative skill and imagination.

Jay Langone, art teacher, not only instructs in how to draw and paint, but also how to have creativity, con€fidence, problem solving, non-verbal communication and collaboration.

Kaitlin Risner has learned much information about art the past three years. She joined Art 1 sophomore year and continued to take the more advanced classes, such as Art 2 and 3, to build her skills. The most important aspect of art is designing. It includes making drawings, preliminary sketches or plans.

“I enjoy designing because it is relaxing and I’m getting better at it,” Risner said.

From being in art for so long, Risner got the opportunity to make a project for community service with Tyler Wayne 12. They built a two-dimensional model house made out of cardboard and lights to help out Habitat for Humanity, an organization that builds houses for families all across the country, in an event to raise charity for families in need of shelter.

The €finished project was displayed on February 3 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Habitat for Humanity Capital Region party.

Wayne worked with Risner in art classes all throughout high school. When Langone assigned partners, Wayne automatically chose to work with Risner because he said she always worked hard, focused on the work that needed to be done and was really good at what she designed.

“I think Kaitlin has improved with so many things in Art 3 and she has always tried her hardest to accomplish her goal to be a great artist,” Wayne said.

During her time in the art room, she not only got close to other students in the class but with Langone. He inspired her to do her best, gave her advice and compliments her about work.

“I honestly really enjoy Kaitlin being in my class,” Langone said. “She comes into class every day ready to be an artist and I think she has accomplished being a painter throughout the years.”