By Thomas Payeur
Hornet Nation
Saline HS
1st Place Division 1, Video Journalism
Personality Profile Feature



  • Is the writing clear, concise and conversational? Does the reporter use active voice and present tense? Does the script complement the visuals?


  • Is it clear? Is there any audio distortion? Was the appropriate mic used? Is the mic properly placed? Is there a “popping” sound from the reporter? Does the audio fit the action/pace of the video? Is the volume consistent?


  • Is there obvious use of a tripod or is the video shaky? If no tripod was used, was it appropriate to shoot handheld? Is the color consistent? Have the shots been white-balanced? Are there different angles for a variety of shots? Are the shots framed well without cutting out important information? Do the shots have good lighting? Do shots “cross the line/axis”?


  • Is there an overuse of transitions? Does the piece have a good pace & flow? Are there any errors in continuity and/or screen direction? Are there any lagging lulls and/or jump cuts? Are any of your shots/scenes unnecessary?

GRAPHICS/CG (if any)

  • Is the text a good size, good color, and within the safe title area? Does the text appear long enough for the audience to read? Does the graphic(s) have any spelling/grammar errors? Are graphics/chromakeys clean?


  • If the video does not meet the specific time requirement (such as the 30/60s rule for PSAs & Commercials) (not including any black/slates before or after the video itself).
  • If the video does not meet the category description.
  • If the video includes copyrighted music or graphics.

Use of music or other content that is not created by student staff members:

  • If any music is included in an entry, indicate the title(s) of track(s) used and source of the music. Provide this information either in a name-slate/title card in a video entry or in the space provided on the entry form.
  • If you are making a “fair use” claim on copyrighted materials, please cite your reasoning in the entry form.